​​Bill Baturin
Rembrandt Stucco
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
cell: (403) 383-0511
fax: (403) 931-4994
email: rembrandtstucco@telus.net

Rembrandt Stucco is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is second to none. If your project requires an industry leader who excels in the following areas of stucco please phone for a free quotation or consultation.

Our crew is clean courteous, efficient and extremely skilled. They come with a wealth of experience and expertise.
Rembrandt Stucco is proud to offer a full range of design services, including:

  • Building Envelope sealing and Moisture Control
  • Specialists in all Stucco Aspects - Houses to Towers
  • Wood Frame Steel Stud and ICFs
  • Strip and Redo's
  • Free Form Acrylic
  • Smooth Sand Float Acrylic finishes
  • Conventional Stucco finishes
  • Dashes of every sort including Rock, Torpedo, Slop, Knock Down and Popcorn
  • Styrafoam Battons, Spray Finish or Trowled


All Work Guaranteed
Warranties upon Request
Licienced and Insured

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